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Avalon School’s Curriculum aims to ensure that a student’s journey through their educational offer is informed. Through identification of appropriate curriculum pathways, we secure outstanding outcomes in developing students’ independence and vocational skills, communication & social skills, engagement and academic achievement. Everything we do supports students’ wellbeing, preparing them for their next stage in their educational journey and always considering their preparation for adulthood.


Whilst students are taught in age related groups, there are 4 identified learning pathways which ensure that every student’s learning needs are met. Experiential, Exploratory, Investigative and Challenge are the four identified pathways, whilst a student may predominantly follow the learning programme within a specific pathway, due to special interest or specific talent, they may work across the pathways to ensure they have a personalised and targeted curriculum. Fundamental to any personalised learning pathway is the school’s response to outcomes identified via Education, Health and Care Plans (EHCP’s) which are fully implemented in any one of the pathways being pursued. Also underpinning the work across the pathways and across the phases is the preparation for adulthood and Careers frameworks alongside a Personal Development focus.

Learner pathways 

Teaching and Learning

Key Stages 3 and 4

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 Key Stage 3 Overview

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