Avalon School


In Chestnut Class we are students from KS3, ranging from Year 7 to Year 9.  We enjoy being together and learning about the world around us and becoming more independent. Learning is fun and we love being in Avalon School. Learning really is for life here.

Last term our topic was ‘Brilliant Bodies!’ We learnt all about the human body including what happens to food when we eat it, our skeleton, how we breathe and other body processes. We also looked at how nursing has changed since the days of Florence Nightingale and practiced our First Aid skills. We are glad health care has improved a lot since then! We have found out that keeping our minds and bodies healthy is vital as we grow up.

This term we have launched our new topic ‘Around the World’ by flying to Australia! (Role- play brings learning to life and practices our life skills) Our teacher Del was our air hostess, the flight had some turbulence but we landed safely to explore this interesting country. Each week we will learn about a new country. The countries we are studying are Australia, France, Antarctica, China, Somalia, and sunny Jamaica! We will learn about traditions in these countries, food, weather, languages and stories.

Our classroom is set up to cater for our different needs. We have separate work spaces for our students who need it but also larger spaces for group work. Along with this we have a calm corner and a break-out area to relax in. We use the sensory room once a week, were we do therapies such as tac-pac. Mindfulness is practiced daily.  Within our classroom we have lots of visual support, such as visual timetables and supplement communication with sign and symbols.  Each individual needs are planned for within our curriculum and school day. These include physio, speech, drama therapy and Thrive. Each week we use the cookery room and practice reading, following and making recipes.  The highlight so far this year was our delicious homemade pumpkin soup and crusty bread…..yummy!

Celebrating our strengths is something we do well. Learning is practical, fun and meaningful. At the moment we are part way through an enterprise project where we are making ‘a night in’ hampers to raffle. Funds will be used to purchase play equipment for the school.