Avalon School


This term we have learnt about Guy Fawkes night. We learnt how to be safe on bonfire night. We created firework safety poster and artwork in the theme of bonfires and fireworks.

We are learning about living things and their habitats. We have learnt where animals live. We made our own birds’ nests.

We have learnt about Remembrance Day. People wear poppies. We learnt why we have Remembrance Day.

This term we have been swimming once a week. We have practiced using the Green cross code correctly and being safe in the community while also keeping fit and healthy exercising. We also practise our independence skills in getting dressed and undressed and dried.

This term we are having lots of fun and enjoying music in the woods. We have played instruments in our nurture garden and have sung lovely songs to the birds, trees and each other.

Each week we cook a different recipe, we are practising our independence skills and learning to be able to cook for ourselves. Learning skills like cutting, chopping and food hygiene.

In English we have learnt about fact and fiction and information texts, we have created our own newspaper articles. We learnt how to write a diary and write about our own lives. We then turned this into autobiography text. We are also learning about People who help us and we are learning about the Police. We also had a visit from a dentist.