Avalon School


Avalon Outdoor Area Project

Avalon had some disappointing news this academic year that the ‘Hydro Trust’ funding could not be used for a hydrotherapy pool on site as planned.  Covid-19, unavoidable delays and increasing costs have led to a change of plan for Avalon School as the project was no longer viable.

Turning a negative into a positive in true Avalon spirit!

The Friends of Avalon charity have been working hard to turn this negative into a positive for the students and wider community by changing direction for the use of funds.  The funds will now be used in developing the existing outdoor area.  This will take the form of new creative outdoor play/ work zones, sensory spaces and quiet areas.

This will do so much for our students to further their learning and development as well as being an area we are all proud of.  We firmly believe at Avalon that quality outdoor space is vital.  It is a well-known fact that the outdoors relieves stress and anxiety, allows opportunities for building social skills and aids in fostering independence. Exercise helps students with SEN gain muscle and core strength, coordination and flexibility.

A whole School Approach

Students from every class have been involved in creating a ‘wish list’ and these are in the process of being shared with playground design companies.  A virtual event to share and showcase the students ideas is planned for Summer Term 1…….  Exciting times ahead!


A new project is born!

The Friends of Avalon have been meeting regularly to ‘push’ this project forward. We are looking to continue fundraising to make this project a FANTASTIC one. Giving our students a well-planned age-appropriate outdoor space is our priority.


We are looking forward to keeping you updated on our exciting journey!