Avalon School


Willow class are a year 10 and 11 (KS4) class. We are working towards a range of accreditations. Accreditation levels and exam boards are tailored to pupils' individual learning needs. Many pupils are working towards functional skills accreditations in English and maths, ranging from entry level 1- level 3. Pupils are also working towards OCR life and living skills accreditations at entry level, covering a range of topics and curriculum areas.


Last term, we worked on developing our understanding of measure. Students worked towards individualised outcomes including using mass related language (Heavy, heavier, lightest etc), reading scales accurately and converting between metric and imperial measures. We particularly enjoyed measuring liquids to make our own mocktails! Some students calculated the volume of ingredient needed to make Mocktails for party guests and others used informal units such as scoops to accurately measure their ingredients.

Students have been able to transfer their skills in maths to cooking sessions.

This term, we will be working on time including problem solving with time in practical situations. We will also be developing our understanding of fractions and Money and Level 1 students will be working on percentages.


Over the last term, Pupils have been working on writing for a purpose. We have been learning about the difference between formal and informal language and pupils have written a number of letters including notes to friends and letters to a local gardening centre to request a soil donation. We are eagerly awaiting their response! Pupils have made great progress with their understanding of punctuation and have been implementing this in their own letters. We have also been working on completing forms with our personal information and students have been learning key terms, particularly those found in job adverts. 

This term, we will be focussing on our reading and comprehension skills as well as practicing our writing. Pupils will be studying a variety of texts including college prospectuses, job adverts, instructions and factual articles.


We have been learning about space this term. We made our own models to help us understand and describe earth’s movement and how this relates to day and night. We also took the opportunity to do some creative writing, imagining a holiday to one of the planets in our solar system and writing a postcard. Postcards included some wonderful descriptive language and some very practical tips such as what clothes were taken to help adjust to that planet’s atmosphere.

Most excitingly, we received a very kind donation of a telescope and some other resources from ‘Scopes4SEN’ (https://scopes4sen.weebly.com/). We enjoyed looking at the sun through our special solar viewers, and using the telescope to view our friends from a long distance. We are looking forward to when we can observe the moon in the day’s sky.


Other areas:

In ICT, pupils have developed their skills in using outlook to communicate with each other. One particular student has used this remarkably well and was able to email her home learning to the class team when at home.