Avalon School


In Holly class our learning is built around the multi-sensory curriculum. This is an exciting and dynamic curriculum which supports us to learn and make progress in areas that are important to us and for our futures as young adults. These include; communication, social relationships, mobility, concept development and skills for learning. Our EHCP targets are also an integral part of our learning to support us to make progress in our Education & Health Care plans.

We learn thematically; this helps us really immerse ourselves into the world we are exploring and helps us to engage. In turn, this helps us to focus, learn and make progress.  Last term we looked at ‘Our Brilliant Bodies’ – we started the term with a WOW event to help our pupils dive in and connect with the new theme. We enjoyed making ‘lungs’ and exploring the effects our lungs can have, we investigated the digestive system to see how ‘poo’ is made and created x-rays of our hands and feet.  For  our pupils this was great as it helped support their understanding and identification of body parts which they can then use in the future if they want to communicate pain or discomfort to a caregiver.

We are looking forward to the summer Olympics which will be held later on this year in Tokyo. As a result we are having a very Japanese feel to our work this term with tasting and making food from Japan, dancing Japanese dances, songs, making all kinds of art work and generally having Japanese fun.

All students in Holly class have individual speech and language therapy plans which are created with input from the Speech and Language Therapist and linked to their EHCP targets. Students in yellow class use all sorts of communication strategies and Alternative Augmentative Communication - switches, eye gaze technology, iPads as communication aids and PECS (Picture Exchange Communication Services). Everyday is exciting as new skills are being developed. It is always magical when a student learning a new communication skill begins to apply it independently in a different situation- especially when they start to be cheeky and make hilarious requests on their eye gaze devices such as ‘pour water on an adult's head!’

Holly class students enjoy having fun and laughing and the more hands on experiences the better!