Avalon School


In Holly Class our learning experiences are build around the multi-sensory curriculum. This is a dynamic curriculum which supports us to learn and make progress in areas that are important to us as individuals. Our EHCP targets are also an integral part of our individual learning to support us to make progress.

We are working on our phonics knowledge and either completing the Sounds-Write units through identifying letter sounds and blending/segmenting them into words and writing short sentences or using our senses to identify and understand the difference between each sound.

In our English sessions we are focusing on our writing skills by mark making using different resources, including technology, or using writing for different purposes. We have also been working on recognising our names and those of our friends and the staff we work with. We really enjoyed using our mark making skills to complete some firework pictures on our new large computer screen in our classroom.

Bella mark-making  Naomi mark-making

In our maths sessions we are working on our number skills. We are focusing on one-to-one correspondence, counting, ordering numbers and some students are also working on simple addition and subtraction. We have been using different objects, technology and resources for our learning. We also enjoy listening to or dancing to number songs.

Ella counting

Our first topic this year was ‘me and my relationships’ which helped us to settle into a new year and develop our relationships with our peers and staff who work with us. We also learnt about how people change over time. We are now working on the topic ‘people who help us’ and thinking about lots of different people in our home, school and community who this would include.

EJ Baby  Aeron life-cycle

We particularly enjoy our regular cooking sessions where we have the opportunity to develop our experiences and skills of using different kitchen equipment. We have been making lots of different items such as cakes and ice lollies and we have also been learning about how the ingredients (materials) change when we stir, mix, crush, heat or freeze them.

Jake ice pop

We also use our snack times to help develop our communication skills by requesting the items we would like and also our independence skills by helping to set the table, prepare the snacks and clean up afterwards.

We also love dressing up and taking part in school events. Check out these amazing outfits we wore on our Halloween fun day!

Mia dress up