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PINE Class

Welcome to Pine Class!


  • Class learning last term

Last term we learnt all about our brilliant bodies. We learnt how to develop personal awareness of our bodies and minds and how healthy living can impact on all areas of development. Basic needs of living things. Students engaged in meaningful, exciting learning opportunities helping them to grow and flourish. They developed further understanding of how their bodies worked and changes that happened over a lifetime. Students explored the importance of keeping our bodies clean and healthy and how to do this.

  • Class learning this term

Our students will be learning about cultures in different counties. We want to promote an understanding, especially because we live in a multicultural world. We will be exploring the wider world and some of the countries within it. Each week we will focus on a different country. Week 1 is Australia, Week 2 is France, Week 3 is China, Weeks 4 is Africa, Week 5 is Jamaica and Week 6 is Antarctica.