Avalon School

Sixth form

Currently, we have 3 6th Form classes 


We love doing independent tasks and life skills, especially hoovering with Hettie the Hoover, cooking nurture breakfast, lunch and cakes, washing windows, making our own snacks and making the bed.

We love going out into the community but because we haven’t been able to access the community we have been supporting our school community much more; using the gym, sorting and delivering shopping, cleaning classroom windows and contributing to the new playround appeal.

We work hard on our money so that we are ready to go to the shops when we can go out and access work in the pop-up shop and do other enterprise projects.

We stay healthy by cooking good food, getting outside, walking in our lovey school grounds and going to the school gym and sensory room.

We also love to have FUN, build relationships with each other and laugh at each other’s jokes!


We have been developing our independence skills by refining skills in the kitchen.  We are either developing our understanding of making drinks and snacks or following recipes and thinking about how to keep the kitchen clean and hygienic and how we can safely store food.  We are linking this to the community by making this for people we wish to say thank you to in our household or bubble. We have also been learning about making healthy choices in terms of diet and exercise and have come up with lots of great ideas we want to put into action. We have been thinking about how we can keep ourselves safe in the community, in the kitchen, at work and online. 

We are continuing to develop our independence skills by thinking how we can make snacks and drinks safely or refining our skills when following recipes with a specific focus on cleaning and hygienic procedures when doing this. We are aiming to develop our community links further by making some treats for people in our wider community we wish to say thank you to.  We will be developing our understanding of making healthy choices by participating in a wider variety of healthy activities such as using the gym, walking and gardening and keeping a log of the healthy choices we are making. We will be continuing to think about how to keep ourselves safe in different environments and some students will also be developing their skills of using emails.  We have been working on the OCR Life and Living accreditations since January and have been making lots of progress through the units that we have been working on.  



EL3 English and Maths group: 

English: We are continuing our work on form filling and make sure we make the necessary corrections and amendments. We will then move onto a reading unit and will develop our skills by reading and reviewing texts by looking for specific information.  We will be using texts such as newspaper articles, college prospectuses and recipes. 

Maths: We are continuing working with 3-digit numbers by dividing groups of objects this time with remainders, rounding numbers to the nearest 10 or 100 and subtracting numbers.  We will then move onto working more specifically with money and will use our skills to work out the class breakfast order and cooking order. We will also be estimating costs by rounding numbers.   


Welcome to 6R! We are one of the 6th Form classes with a range of Year 12-14 students. The 6th Form timetable is packed with learning to help prepare our students for their next adventures after Avalon. Emma teaches 6R on Monday, Tuesday and Friday, and Gemma teaches 6R on Wednesday and Thursday.

In 6R we enjoy celebrating our students’ personal learning journeys. We recognise that we all have different interests and strengths, and enjoy sharing these with each other. We like to think about how we can develop our independence, resilience, communication and most importantly enjoyment, as we recognise that these are important skills for life. Since the Recovery Curriculum, we have started working towards OCR Life and Living accreditations.


Spring Term Class learning

Spring Term presented students across 6th Form with lots of new challenges including; a different curriculum, learning groups and staff changes in 6R. We are always encouraging our students to develop their resilience and emotional well-being. We would like to congratulate all of our 6R students for coping so well with these changes, alongside the added challenges they have faced this year due to COVID.

EL1 Maths group

This term we have become number detectives! Students have enjoyed finding numbers around school and home, and have been using counting in a variety of real-life tasks including; preparation for the Comic Relief 5K challenge, completing fitness challenges on the gym equipment and counting shopping items. 

EL1 English group

This term we have been using symbols and words to develop our communication skills. We particularly enjoyed food tasting and confidently identified likes and dislikes. We have also enjoyed talking about the Comic Relief 5k challenge and have been able to use symbols to communicate our experiences. 

Summer Term Class learning We are very excited to have all our students back in 6R and look forward to, hopefully, enjoying some more sunshine during school. EL1 Maths group This term we are consolidating our understanding of money; recognising money from other objects and identifying when money is needed in real-life situations. We will continue to revisit our number knowledge. In addition, we have been linking our maths with independent life skills by sorting and delivering the weekly food shop to the whole school. We are getting really good at this! EL1 English group This term we are thinking about our speaking and listening skills. With visual support, we are working on choosing a preferred method to make a request or ask a question. There will be plenty of opportunities for students to interact socially with peers. We are also developing our reading skills, by expressing our likes and dislikes of different texts.